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Housewife Empties Acid On Husband’s Private Part

A Kaduna state based housewife has caused the death of her husband by pouring acid on his private part on hearing that her beloved husband impregnated another woman, who happened to be her best friend.

It was gathered that the jealous woman carried out the grievous act while her husband was still enjoying his sleep.

According to sources, the wounded woman welcomed the husband home with a sumptuous meal before proceeding to pour the acidic substance on him. The man was rushed to a Federal Medical Center after the attack but died eventually.

However, the aggrieved woman had lamented that;

“I love my husband so much, I was not intended to kill him. It was so painful to me that he got my best friend pregnant and he could not tell me, I knew about it from outsiders. I know I have overreacted but I want his family, our children and government to forgive me, I never planned to kill him”.


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