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Hold up Eligible Bachelors, Nollywood Producer Chinney Love Eze Is In The Market!

Hey there handsome looking for an already made woman to wife/date, look no further, Movie Producer Chinney Love Eze is ready for you and I promise you, she meets all the dream woman criteria. Want to prove me wrong, try? Let’s see your must qualifications

  • She must be good looking- duh! Check her out!
  • Character- While we might not know too much we do know she is not a one man army in the industry, her colleagues are always with her, starting from actress/producer Uche Jumbo, actress Ruth Kadiri, actor Ik Ogbonna and the list can go on…it takes a human spirit to make cool friends. Plus, she is quite humorous, remember how she joked on her official Instagram page on the release of her movie trailer JUNE about going back to the village if the movie wasn’t well promoted?- maybe  not joking but I sure did laugh. Lol.
  • Smart?- Not just any woman can produce excellent cinema-standard movie and two for that matter in a matter of months (HIRE A MAN, JUNE) duh!, not many men can.
  • Wealthy- Needless for two much talk see reason no 3.
  • Religion- She is a Christian, a Jesus lover, all about God as she will often comment.

Which brings us back to how we know she is in the market? (as in single and searching) Well, the gifted producer took to her official Instagram page to share a photo stating “Am looking for a guy who truly loves God, is that too much to ask?” Hmmm… oh yes, in case you had your hopes up earlier in this writing and you don’t love God? Crushed it! sorry, Lol.


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