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Happiness Or Balling Means Different Things To Different People – Rita Dominic

Popular Nollywood actress,Rita Dominic says a lot of people believe if you don’t post your wealth on social media then you are not bailing.

Rita Dominic says only people with poverty mentality believe showing of wealth on social media means you are doing well.

The award-winning actress made this known via her Instagram stories on Wednesday 19, 2020. According to her, a lot of people believe social media has become the yardstick to measure wealth.

“So social media has become the yardstick to measure wealth? Lol. Some people think because you don’t post certain things like designer labels, holidays, how much you have, etc on your means you are not balling? Wow. Poverty mentality much? Happiness or balling in your word means different things to different people. This life isn’t that serious, be happy you are alive and healthy first and foremost #Selah,” she wrote.

While Rita Dominic is stunned at the yardstick used in measuring wealth on social media by some people, some celebs have advised fans not to get carried away with the glitz and glamour on social media.


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