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Gunman Kills Two, Injured Four Others In Yoga Class

A yoga studio in Florida hit by a gunman, leaving two dead and five others injured on Friday.

Evening Standard Reported that a gunman has killed two people and wounded five others at a yoga studio in Florida. Tallahassee Police said that the gunman, 40 years old Scott Paul Beierle, then fatally shot himself.

An eyewitness, Erskin Wesson, 64, said he was eating dinner with his family at a restaurant below the yoga studio when they heard the gunshots above. Evening Standard reports

“We just heard: ‘Pow, pow, pow, pow.’” Mr. Wesson said. “It sounded like a limb falling on a tin roof and rolling.”

Another witness named Mellisa Hutchinson who helped treat a “profusely” bleeding man who rushed into a bar after the incident. she said three people ran out from the studio into the bar.

“It was a shocking moment something happened like this,” she said.

The Two killed persons are identified as 61 years old, Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, a chief medical director for Capital Health plan which provided affordable healthcare for the people of Tallahassee and Maura Binkey, 21, a student at Florida State University, Officers reported.

However, The State Police Chief Michael Deleo have shown their saddest regret and have acknowledged that there is no threat after the evening shooting, he said,

“We’re all very saddened and shocked by the events that occurred, but it’s important people understand that there is no immediate threat outside of what has already occurred this evening.”

Beierle have however presented himself to the police, after which the police made a statement on Saturday, police urged anyone who saw “something unusual” around the time of the shooting on Friday night to come forward. Beierle acted alone.


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