Gruesome Death: Mother Hacks Daughter To Death With Axe


A mother has been accused of hacking her teenage daughter to death with an axe while she slept because she was “too argumentative.”

Police say the mother hit her daughter several times with the axe, severing the teenager’s carotid artery in her neck.

The teenager an 18-year-old was attacked with an axe while she slept at her home.

It was reported that the mother fled the scene by going to a railway station and catching a train out of the city.

Reports said that Yulia brother found her lying motionless on her bed covered in blood and discovered an axe on the floor nearby.


Dailymail reports that the incident happened in the city of Chaykovsky in Russia.                                                                                                                                                  Police claim the mother has confessed to her daughter’s murder.

A spokesperson said: “The investigation found that during the last three months, the suspect and the victim had been constantly in domestic conflicts.

“The suspect said she committed the murder on the basis of personal dislike.”

Tatiana Degirmendzhy, 49, is in police custody following the murder of her daughter if found guilty of murder, Degirmendzhy faces 15 years in prison.




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