Grandfather Hires Assassin To Kill Son-In-Law

A granddad who attempted to recruit a hitman to ‘take-out’ his son-in-law and dump his body in a river has been jailed for six years. Michael Butler, 45, offered a friend £500 to seriously harm Ross Attwood, his son in law and the increased the offer to £2,000 to make him ‘disappear’. He told Peter Vincent he wanted Mr Attwood ‘taken out’ or given such a bad beating ‘he was no longer recognizable.

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(River Medway where Butler wanted Ross body to be dumped)

Butler instructed Peter to make Ross ‘disappear into the River Medway permanently’, because he was allegedly preventing him from seeing his grandchild. But Butler was caught after Peter recorded the interview and immediately alerted police. Meghan and Harry already have a nickname for their baby.

The court heard Butler told Mr Vincent: ‘I’ve got a problem and it needs to be dealt with’ and gave him a photograph of his target along with his address. In the recording he could be heard saying he would pay anything from ‘a monkey’ to harm Ross and between £1,000 and £2,000 if he was able to make him disappear.

Mr Vincent could then be heard saying: ‘What do you want me to do?’ Butler replied: ‘I want him out of the picture permanently. ‘




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