Gov. Okorocha Presented With 27 Birthday Cakes By Women From 27 LGAs Of Imo

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha couldn’t express how happy he was as women from 27LGA presented him with 27 cakes when it’s not even his birthday yet.

The governor who will be clocking 55 in four days time which is September 22, is currently feeling on top of the world as his birthday cakes are flooding in already even before the D-day. 

“It’s not yet my birthday, but the sound of celebration and drum rolls begins, a show of love as women from 27 LGA with 27 cakes visits me today,” the governor tweeted, alongside pictures of the cake and the women.
Designed in the form of a two-way staircase, the cake has the picture of the governor with an inscription of his other name.
There is also the message: “We love you”, clearly spelt out on one of the cakes, with his would-be age of 55 littered around the other ones.


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