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Ghanaian police shoot Nigerian to death while partying

A Nigerian citizen has been shot dead by a police officer in Ghana while partying at a hotel.

The unidentified man was allegedly gunned down while the police were trying to disseminate attendees at the party.

A video posted on YouTube by the deceased’s friends indicate that another man was also killed during the incident.

A corpse was seen in the video being taken to the hospital by some people, the date and city of the incident has not been ascertained

In the footage, a lady was lamenting the killing, saying Ghanaian police were always attacking Nigerians.

Speaking in pidgin English, she said, “What happened this night was tragic. The police have just killed a Nigerian man. He simply came to pick his girlfriend and they shot him. But he was foolish, he shouldn’t  have engaged the policemen in an argument; they simply wasted him.”

The police were seen taking away the fun-seekers ostensibly for violating social distancing protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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