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German Female Cop Forced To Limit Social Media Activity

Germany’s sexiest cop in a dilemma between her bikini and uniform.

Adrienne Koleszar, a female police cop has been forced to reduce her social media activity which she had shared a lot of sexy tight swimsuits.

The policewoman turned fitness babe given a sabbatical leave for six months, which she took from July 1st, to invest more in her family and social, Meanwhile, she has been able to gather a number 650,000 followers during her leave which she regularly treats them with sexy pictures while on leave.

She announced recently to followers on her IG page, that she was forced to trade her tight swimsuits for the uniform after she was presented with an ultimatum at work. Her sabbatical expired on January 1 January, and her boss told her that she would have to scale down her social media activities if she resumed back. she has however agreed to, she said,

“I have no fear about returning to my duty, being on patrol and working my shifts. I’m convinced it won’t hinder my work”, she said.

“That’s a decision I had to make for myself because it’s no secret that the half-year was a time when I thought about where I’m going.”

In one of her recent post, she was seen dressed in her police uniform, she said,

“Finally. Finally 2019. I go searching for my socks”, she wrote. “Welcome to the brand new year. I am excited.”


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