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Gboyega Oyetola Makes First Promise Ahead Of Swearing-In

Governor-elect of Osun, Gboyega Oyetola, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has reportedly promised to run an all-inclusive government when he is eventually sworn in to take over from his predecessor, Rauf Aregbesola.

In a broadcast to the people of the state after his victory, Oyetola thanked the voters while dedicating his victory to the people of the state.
Oyetola said the election which produced him as the governor-elect was a serious battle. He thanked God for the victory.
The huge number of candidates who vied for the office was unprecedented. Though there were few glitches and challenges here and there, the exercise was satisfactory.
“We can say there has been substantial compliance with the provisions of the constitution and the electoral act,” he said.
Oyetola, who addressed the people of the state on both radio and television in the morning of Friday, September 28, was quoted as saying:
We had enough evidence and field reports, including signed result sheets, from our agents that confirmed that we won outrightly. However, as democrats, we accepted the verdict in good faith and prepared for the rerun.
“In the end, I was declared the winner by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) after securing the highest number of votes cast in the election. This election has been keenly contested, and a clear winner could not emerge until the tail end.
“Indeed, there was a dramatic twist in the end that kept us all on the edge and made Osun the focus of national and international attention. This is an indication of how democratic, free, fair and transparent the election was.”
He said the election was a victory for democracy, rule of law and due process.
“It is a victory for the right of every citizen to participate in their own governance which democracy represents. The victory is an affirmation by the people of Osun in the APC government that has been on the saddle in the past eight years; and the acceptance of our ideology.
“It is a positive affirmation of our people-friendly policies and the way we have steered the ship of state, even under the most challenging circumstances.
“I regard the mandate given to me by the good people of Osun as sacred and I am taking it seriously. Of course, I have been part of the new beginning that started eight years ago. Nevertheless, in continuing the glorious path on which I am now very familiar, it is a new beginning for me. I am committing myself the more to the good governance of Osun and the welfare of the people.
“I will run an inclusive and participatory government. I will consult with the party, workers, communities, traditional rulers, the civil society and the people of the state in their heterogeneity. I will engage the youth, tap into their ideas and enable them to unleash their creative energy in a positive way.
“I pledge to serve God and humanity and the people of Osun with my whole being, without prejudice to religion, ethnicity, race and ideology. I will like to thank the Almighty God for His grace and divine enablement upon my life; and for fulfilling His promise to bless the land and people of Osun through me,” he added.


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