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Garba Sheu Gives Reason For President Buhari ‘Technical Stop Over’

Senior Special Assistant to president Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu,when asked why the president is yet to return home in an interview with newsmen yesterday, said the president made a ”technical stopover” in the UK. Going ahead to explain further,he said:

”The big presidential jet is under repairs. It has been taken for major repairs. So the president is using a small plane and there is a limit to the distance the small plane can cover. So the technical stopover I talked about is that the journey from US to Abuja is broken into two. Technical stopover is that the plane stops at a point, refuel, do some checks and then proceed on the journey. It is a routine thing. The plane can do Abuja-Washington, that’s about 12 hours and the maximum the plane can fly is 12 hours, 40 minutes. But you don’t need to push it to the edge. This is very normal. There is nothing unusual about it. In any case, they are already on their way back home.”he said

Recall that President Buhari after his meeting with US president Donald Trump, left the states for Nigeria on Tuesday May 1st.



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