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‘Game Of Thrones’: Dog Who Played Bran’s Direwolf Is Dead

The owner of Stark children’s dire wolves has announced on social media the death of one of their dogs who appeared in the movie “Game of Thrones”.

She said:

“Our family is at immense heartbreak to announce that Odin passed away early this morning,” the dog’s owners wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “It’s difficult to put into words how this has impacted us as a family for Odin lead a life like no other dog. Odin was a family member first and we got him when he was a pup at 7 weeks old all we wanted were big dogs to take hiking and to sleep at our feet in the evening beside the fire, everything after that was a bonus. Odins [sic] passing marks the end of a decade and the end of an era as he taught our friends and family a lot of lessons about life for one dog he has more stories to tell than some people would.”

Odin appeared in the first episode of the HBO fantasy series as a puppy, playing one of the six dire wolf cubs taken in by the Stark family. Odin played the youngest version of Summer, the dire wolf who belonged to Bran Stark.

According to Odin’s family, his death came after a battle with cancer.

“It’s an incredible piece of luck to have a pet you love so well become world-famous and touch so many people’s hearts. He was always fond of the beach and his favorite treats which he had almost every day before his passing,” they wrote. “He was met with further illness as the week continued and the vets did everything they could to keep him going but he passed away in his sleep.”



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