Friday Worst Traffic Jam Day In Lagos

Lagos is usually notorious for its traffic gridlock, but Friday 20thof  September will go into the records as the worst day in the history of Lagos traffic as commuters experienced mysterious gridlock in the Africa’s most populated city.

Some Lagosians have even suggested it should be canonised as Lagos Traffic Jam Day.

Friday’s extraordinary gridlock was caused by a diesel-laden truck that fell at Otedola Bridge, towards Ogun state, this  led to a gargantuan traffic build up, and affected people leaving the Lagos Island for the Mainland via Third Mainland Bridge.

the gridlock also spread to other parts of the city, such as Ikorodu Road, Opebi, Ojodu and so on.

Some abandoned their vehicles, trekking some 10-12 kilometres home while some had no choice than to sleep on the road.

This led some Lagosians trapped in the traffic to their Twitter to pour out their frustrations and pains about the development.


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