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French Billionaires Lead Notre Dame Fund Raising

The French billionaires are not just sitting or waiting on the government for the renovation of their ancient structure after the tragic incident of Notre Dame that occurred on Monday night.

For many in France, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is more than a building, it is a symbol of culture, pride and hope. The wreckage of this ancient edifice has brought shock and depression to the people of France.

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Contributing to the renovations are; Luxury giants of LVMH Group, Kering and L’Oreal giving €500, the Pinault family, which operates luxury conglomerate Kering (PPRUF), has pledged €100 million.

Other French contributors include Oil and gas company Total (TOT), €100 million and Tech and Consulting Firm, €1 million.

This billionaires are not just doing this but for ‘this extraordinary cathedral, which is a symbol of France, of its heritage and French in unity’.


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