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Former NFL Player,Jonathan Martin Arrested After Disturbing Post Indicative Of Suicide,Revenge

Jonathan Martin, former NFL player was arrested and has been confined by police after a disturbing post emerged on his Instagram page. Huge numbers of his fans called the consideration of the police to the post after he posted a photograph of a weapon and slugs, with the names of his previous colleagues connected in the post.

The post read, “When you’re a bully victim & a coward your options are suicide or revenge.”

Former NFL Player detained by police after posting a pic of a gun and bullets on IG, with the names of his former teammates linked in the post??????

Martin tagged three of his former team mates in the post, as well as his former high school mate, Harvard Westlake.

The school was  reportedly closed down after they were alerted to the post yesterday ,to avoid any such occurrences of school shooting that has been rampant.
A Police team were said to have gone to his house,he was found and detained without any resistance from him.

According to media reports, here’s what happened to Martin a few years ago;

Back in 2013, Martin had been a victim of bullying by some of his Miami Dolphin teammates that reportedly led to his hospital admittance for emotional distress. Martin’s incident sparked an investigation into a string of alleged incidents, which included threats to slap Martin’s mother, death threats and more, linked to former Dolphin, Richie Incognito.  However, Incognito was not the only teammate to “engage in a pattern of harassment” toward Martin, as the investigation into the matter found that linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey were also involved in the physical and emotional abuse and harassment of the former baller.
Now, four years later, it appears the bullying is still affecting Martin, as he listed his former teammates Incognito and Pouncey in the disturbing post.

More investigations will follow suit.



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