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Former Governor,Fashola, Supports Sanwo-Olu On Okada Ban

Former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola, has supported the ban of Okada/Marwa riders on Lagos roads by stating that commercial motorcycles were never part of the state’s plan.

Fashola,  now the minister for works made this known at a public lecture organized by the United Action for Change (UAC) on Thursday in Lagos. In his statement, he said;

“If you care about security, you should back your governor on Okada ban. As a center of excellence, Okada cannot be part of the plan.

“I’ve always held this position. Motorcycle has always been a conduit pipe for the opoid crisis among youths. We must act to eliminate anonymity.

“I was robbed in my home, in fact on my bed in 1999. Organized crime is dynamic, criminals are aware that people don’t keep money at home again, now they diversified into kidnapping people for ransom.”

“We must have data to identify people. You have SIM cards on your phone. It’s called subscriber identity module which can be tracked everywhere in the world. The attorney-general of each state and legislators should act.

“In those days, we used to have a license for bicycles.


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