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Football: Three Dead As A Result Of Clashes Between Fans In Honduras

Honduras Football Clashes leaving Four Dead

Three dead and 15 injured in Honduras in a clash between Olimpia and Motagua football fans in Tegucigalpa on Saturday 17 of August.


Image result for pictures of the clash in Honduras on saturday.

It all started when Motagua was attacked by Olimpia supporters with stones and bottle. The coach of Motagua, Diego Vasquez, told Honduran media that stones were thrown at them and players threw themselves on the floor screaming, whereby three of the Motagua players was injured and transferred to a private hospital for treatment.
Laura a spokeswoman told Reuter that three people died, seven were shot and stabbed while many were injured, of which one is a boy. Three of the adults are in critical conditions.
The police force gathered the spectators from the stances on to the football pitch to avoid stampede which may occur as a result of panic and throng heading towards the exit gate of the stadium. This as well prevented them from getting caught up in the riot and tear gas outside the stadium.
The game was canceled by the National Football League of Honduras.
Motagua wrote on their twitter handle: “This has to be severely sanctioned by the corresponding authorities.” And again they wrote to express their opinion on how things turned out: “Reprehensible and lamentable,”
The President of Olympia has called upon the National League to decide on the fate of the League.
The two most successful football clubs in Honduras rivalry is viewed as the biggest in the country as this is not the first time they will be having such violence


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