Federal Government Suspends Relaunch Of National Airline

Nigeria Airways which was the pride of the Nation in the 19s till the early 20s has been suspended for the relaunch.

Just two months ago the Nigeria government plans to relaunch the national airline, in a statement made by the Minister for Aviation, the government has cancelled the relaunch of the national airline, he said.

“I regret to announce that the Federal Executive Council has taken the tough decision to suspend the national carrier project in the interim,” Hadi Sirika, junior aviation minister, said on Wednesday on Twitter after the weekly cabinet meeting.

“All commitments due will be honoured,” he said. No reason was given for the decision.
While in a separate statement, Sirika said: “The suspension was strategic and had nothing to do with politics.”

The airline relaunch was announced in July as part of a plan to improve the country’s infrastructure, which has suffered due to decades of neglect and underinvestment. The government maintains that improvement will require private investment.

Nigeria Airways, the original national airline, operated for 45 years until 2003. Air Nigeria, its successor, ran from 2005 to 2012.


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