Father Of One Dies following a violent Attack with Police

San Mateo County sheriff disclosed that Chinedu Valentine Okobi was running In and Out of traffic and assaulted a deputy who tried to make contact with him.

It was said to be a violent confrontation with the police which led to the death of 36 year old Nigerian who is a father of one.

The incident occurred on Wednesday on the 1300 block of El Camino Real in Millbrae about 1 p.m.

During the confrontation that had four cops taking Chinedu who wasn’t armed into custody, one of the policemen fired a Taser and he was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, the decease’s sister, Ebele Okobi shed more light to the situation when she disclosed he was struggling with mental issues.

However, Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s office is investigating the cause of death which is expected to take nothing less than 10 weeks.


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