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Father Arrested After 4 Years Old Boy Dies On Drugs Overdose

Logan Pittman https://www.gofundme.com/f/logans-burial-fundraiser CR: GoFundMe

A boy Logan Pittman was pronounced dead at the hospital after he was lured into drugs overdose, he lived in Apple Valley with his parents and siblings.

His grandmom, Kimberly Kelley told ABC7: “All I really know that Logan, got into methadone, and he did not get immediate medical attention.

The grandma told the outlet that Logan’s mother said she did not call 911 until the next day.

“By the time he was taken to the hospital, he was unresponsive, and that the hospital worked on him for at least an hour, and they were not able to save his life,” she told ABC.

“He was an amazing little boy. Our family is just… it will never be the same. There’s nothing we can do,” Kelley told the outlet.

“I can’t point no fingers, but I hope and pray the investigation proves who was involved, and who all was negligent.”

Kelley’s son Chad was Logan’s father, who shared custody of him with the boy’s mom who has not been arrested. But the boy’s stepfather is currently in Police custody and has not been charged yet.


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