FAAN Suspends Heads of Airport Security After Serious Breach

FAAN Suspends Heads of Airport Security After Serious Breach

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has announced the suspension of the heads of security at its three terminals in Lagos following a case of breach of security that occured at the airport in Lagos yesterday.

An unidentified man had sneaked into the sterile zone of the airport and found his way to the taxi way where he climbed the engine of an aircraft waiting for clearance for take-off.

The man also reportedly dumped the piece of luggage he was holding in the aircraft’s engine and also attempted to enter the cabin.

One of the passengers who shared his experience online claimed that it took about 37 minutes for security officials to arrive the scene, during which time the passengers and crew had been thrown into serious panic.

Videos of the incident recorded by some of the passengers have also been shared online.

FAAN’s statement by its head of corporate affairs, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu, said the officers affected are the airport’s Chief Security Officer and the heads of security at the international terminal and the two domestic terminals.

She said the suspension was to allow FAAN carry out a thorough investigation of the incident.


Ololade Adeyanju

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