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Ex-US President,Obama Lectures at Nelson Mandele Annual Lecture

Former US president Barack Obama will deliver the Nelson Mandela Annual lecture in South Africa today as the country prepares to mark the centenary of the struggle icon’s birth. 

July 2018 marks Nelson Mandela’s centenary year`. Why is he still so revered across the world? The answer simply is that he is widely regarded as the personification of values which he spent much of his life fighting for. These included social justice, democracy, and freedom.

In the world’s current international climate of conflict and political cynicism, Mandela’s legacy continues to serve as a rare example of a principled politician who represented an indefatigable commitment to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Mandela commanded respect and moral authority at home and abroad for his strong convictions, humility, and courageous actions that ensured all South Africans could live in a democratic society. These achievements in the face of enormous challenges should not be underestimated.


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