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“Enough Is Enough” – Broda Shaggi Cries Out In An Open Letter

Popular comedian Broda Shaggi has made a complaint about how Nigerian security agencies are treating the people. In his open letter posted on his Instagram page, he spoke on the issue.

Broda Shaggi said Nigerians are being killed for the selfish interest of Nigerian security agencies. The comedian has taken to social media to call out Nigerian security agencies and he said the security agencies in Nigeria are causing so much sorrow and pain for people in the country.

The comedian called the agencies out on his Instagram page. He listed the Nigerian police, Lagos State Traffic Management, and the Special-Anti Robbery Squad, as the agencies causing pain and sorrow.

In an open letter, the comedian said the agencies have caused the loss of life of many Nigerians.

According to him, they treat Nigerians anyhow for their selfish interest. He added that enough is enough. Shaggi also noted that if the officers of these agencies are not okay with the salary they are being paid they should quit and find something else to do instead of putting their anger on innocent lives.

The comedian said the security agencies are taking lives instead of protecting people. He did not reveal the reason behind his open letter, but it has been alleged that the comedian addressed the issue after an encounter with officers of the Special-Anti Robbery Squad.


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