Empower Nigerian Youths And Stop Playing God, Shan George Tells Nigerian Government

Nollywood timeless beauty, Shan George, has hit out at Federal and State Government in Nigeria over the issue of empowering youths in the country- Nigeria.

The Nollywood actor and producer, who is regarded by many as the sexiest grandmother alive took her social media handle to share a photo of youths receiving tools of the skills they learned and received from Cross River State Government, while she shared this message to federal start and local government chairmen in Nigeria, even as she urges them the government to be responsible to their duties and stop playing God in the life of Nigerian youths.

“Dear Govt, This is how to Empower the Youths. Train them in skills and give them starter tools. So many skills to train the youths on, furniture making, welders, vulcanizers, tailors, hairdressers, computer science, Etc. Individual Empowerment is Key! Stop making our youths beggars and asslickers, simply because u want to play God. Being in office is a brief period not forever, use your office productively. “ she concluded.


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