Electrical Cables In Nigeria- Types, Characteristics and Uses

Electrical cables and wiring are like the lifeblood of any building or facility. This is because, without electricity, no building can provide real meaningful use especially in this era of rapid globalization and technological advancements.


Electrical cables powered by electricity transmit the energy required for the most basic functions like lighting, to advanced applications like industrial machinery and fibre optics. It is indeed sufficient to say there’s a cable for every electrical need.



There are 5 types of electrical cables used in residential and commercial buildings and projects in Nigeria. Though other varieties are available, like in telecom and networking applications, these 5 are most popular and abound in different brand names and specs.


Single Core Cables: These are the most popular electrical cables you find, used for lighting, appliances, metering, etc. When you hear of 0.5mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm or 16mm cables, you’re most likely dealing with a single core cable. Popular brands of pure copper single core cables include Coleman, NigerChin, Cometstar, Bracom, Champion, etc. They are also very affordable.

Flat cables: Though gradually phasing out because of the spread of conduit wiring in Nigeria, flat cables are used for surface wiring applications and sensitive equipment like inside cell phones and laptops. They are composed of several copper strands embedded in a flat insulated sheath and come in 2core, 3core or 4core strands. Common brands include Cometstar, Liberty, SD, Coleman, etc.

Recline Cables: These are 4core aluminum cables covered in rubber insulation used mainly to pass current from the power supply pole into a building. Popular sizes start from 16mm to 90mm and brands like Coleman, Goodcom, Everite, Cometstar are the main manufacturers for Recline cables in Nigeria.

Flex Cables: These are an extension of the round cables, but are mainly used in audiovisual or fibre optic systems. They come in 2core to 5core strands to provide greater flexibility and less interference issues. Cometstar makes very good flex cables, though other good brands are available. You can find them in 0.5mm to 4mm sizes.

Armoured cables: These are heavy duty electrical cables of double strength copper covered in metal sheath then finally with rubber insulation. They are used mainly for underground applications like large scale street lighting, underground data and power lines and large scale networks. Sizes start from 1.5mm 3-4 or 5core; to as high as 240mmColeman, NigerChin, Everite are popular manufacturers of armoured cables in Nigeria.

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Other types of electrical cables like conductor cables, TV cables are also used for home and commercial wiring in Nigeria, as long as you have a pure metal brand, your wiring needs are well covered.


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