El-Rufai’s Teacher Blows Hot, Attracts Widespread Interest With Grammar

A Kaduna State teacher identified on Facebook as Calipha Ibrahim Abdullahi, has given reasons to why teachers in the state failed the primary four test, given to them by the state government.

His reaction follows the recent news that 20,000 teachers in the state failed a competency test conducted by the government. However, the state governor, Nasir El-Rufai threatened to sack the affected teachers and replace them with better-qualified ones.

Abdullahi’s post no doubt justifies the state government’s decision. This is because of his poor grammar that clearly betrayed his low qualification.

He Posted Below:

Expressing himself in his native language, he added in translation; “A fool is not a madman, and if the speaker is a fool, then the listener is not supposed to be a fool. God will punish them.”


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