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Egypt’s Former President, Morsi Buried In Cairo

Former president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi has been buried in Cairo, after he collapsed in court and died on Monday

This was revealed by Morsi’s son, Abdullah, in a tweet on Tuesday, saying that his father was buried near two Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leaders in eastern Cairo’s Nasr City district.

He noted that security agencies refused to allow their father to be buried at the family grave in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya.

“We washed his noble body at the hospital of Torah prison and read the prayers for him inside the mosque of the hospital.” Abdullah said

“The burial took place at the grave of Muslim Brotherhood guides in Nasr city,” Abdullah said.

Mr Morsi, who was a member of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, became Egypt’s first democratically elected leader in 2012 before being deposed in a military coup the following year.

He collapsed during a court session in Cairo. He was 67.

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Monday’s session was part of a trial in which he was facing treason charges for allegedly leaking secret state documents to Qatar while he was in office.

The Ministry of Interior declared a state of maximum alert in the country after the announcement.

The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1928, though was only able to transform to a political party, the Freedom and Justice Party, in 2011, while it was headed by Mr Morsi.


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