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Ecobank Wages War Against Otudeko

These are not the best of times for Oba Otudeko, Chairman of Honeywell Group as he showed up on Thursday, February eighth, 2018 under the watchful eye of the Federal High Court in Lagos to affirm in an asserted N5.5bn obligation recuperation suit between his organizations and Ecobank Nigeria Limited.

Oba Otudeko showed up in court because of a subpoena issued on him by Justice Mohammed Idris at the example of Ecobank

Ecobank legal advisor, Mr. A.O. Divine, had on Wednesday told the judge that he would be left with no other choice yet to apply for a seat warrant against Otudeko should the agent neglect to respect the subpoena.

In the wake of venturing into the witness box on Thursday, Otudeko said… “I’m pleased to be here, to see all of you in proficient practice.” He advised the judge that in spite of the case by Ecobank he was not sidestepping showing up in court. He said he was not presented with the subpoena.

His legal advisor, Mr. Bode Olanipekun, told the judge that having showed up in court and embraced his announcement; everything was set for Thursday’s procedures. Yet, an endeavor by Ecobank’s legal counselor to test Otudeko was stopped by Olanipekun, who protested his customer being requested to present himself and express his occupation and capabilities.

“I protest that line of addressing,” Olanipekun said.

He fought that the privilege of Ecobank’s legal advisor amid examination-in-boss was constrained to the appropriation of Otudeko’s composed explanation.

In any case, Ecobank’s legal counselor, Divine, kept up that since Otudeko was in court at Ecobank’s occurrence, he (Divine) maintained a free authority to test him.

“The observer being referred to is our witness. The inquiry I put to the witness, being an early on question, is permitted under the law, where he lives, works, his capabilities.

“To that degree, I present that the protest to my line of addressing is pre-emptory,” Divine said.

In a short governing, be that as it may, Justice Idris maintained Olanipekun’s complaint, and guided Divine to lead Otudeko to receive his composed proclamation.

The judge said Otudeko could from there on be interrogated by Olanipekun and reconsidered by Divine. Following the decision, Divine relinquished his strategy, saying… “We have what we need and we would prefer not to lead the witness any longer. We thusly apply for his release.”

He opposed an endeavor by Olanipekun to interview Otudeko to demonstrate that the Managing Director of Ecobank was available at a gathering where it was concurred that Otudeko’s organization would pay N3.5bn out of the N5.5bn obligation purportedly owed the bank as “full and last installment of the obligation.”

Divine kept up that “a witness whose announcement was not received in court couldn’t be interviewed.”

The judge along these lines dismissed further procedures in the issue till February 14, 2018.

In the mean time, after the court procedures on Thursday, Otudeko endeavored endeavors to abstain from being caught on TV cameras, situated by columnists on the court premises.

Venturing out of the court close by his helpers, the business head honcho was faced with a TV camera, which made him to take a bypass and endeavored to leave the court premises through the back doors.

In any case, the decided cameraman dashed towards the back entryways in the nick of time. When Otudeko and his company rose, the cameraman was at that point in position.

On locating him, the business magnate and his escort remained at a sheltered separation, while a portion of the assistants later stood up to the cameraman requesting, “Why are you doing this?”

A mellow fight was turned away after one of the associates hurried at the camera in an offer to drive the cameraman to quit recording the scene. Otudeko was inevitably strolled through the entryways by his associates who shaped a human shield around him and drove him to his auto.


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