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Don’t Dull (Ma Go); The Lagos Language

Residents and workers in Lagos have so much been injected with the Virus “Ma lo Go’’. This language has infected a lot of migrants of the state.

The code name “Don’t dull” has been in existence for decades. Roaming around every corner of Lagos, it has successfully killed millions of People and left others disabled.
Don’t Dull (In English), Enyier mepe anyagi (in Igbo), kayida Hankalika (Hausa) and Ma lo Go (Yoruba) is a Lagos synonym for “BE SMART” or Be wise. Smartness or Wisdom is a virtue that everyone must acquire, from a 3year old child to an old or aged adult.
In Lagos today, everyone is smart in their own way. Lagos is the most commercial state in Nigeria, hence it has attracted a lot of people and it is therefore, the most populous state in Nigeria. But, being populous, it has the attitude of impatience. It has therefore been realized that residence of this state has the highest level of impatience in them.

The Trader:  The trader wants to make money at every cost, hence, they are ready to “be smart” as they operate with costumers. Some traders can sell low quality at high cost, for example, a trader sells low quality ceramics which cost 1,500naira for 3,500naira (No Dulling). Some make use of opportunities to extort people, a situation where it is known that people need sachet water, a trader comes around and decides to sell 10naira sachet water for 20naira or 30naira, depending on the demand for it (No Dulling).

The Businessman: in Lagos, contracts are being given out every day. This had been an opportunity for some businessmen to operate the no dulling scheme and either increase the price of the material and service they render or use very low quality of product which endangers the lives of others.

The Transport men:  The transport issue in Lagos is the most prevalent one in the city of Lagos and this can be divided into two groups. The first is that of the transport workers, drivers and conductors, they shout at passengers as soon as they realize that they have lot of people who wants to go to a particular area, but decide to beg them when they realize the low turnout of passengers going that particular route.

The second one is the issue to dwell on in Lagos; this is the issue that concerns drivers of vehicles. As you go daily in and out, there are three major things that an average Lagosian notices at least once in the space of the time he goes in and out. The first is hold up or what is known as traffic congestion. It is no need to define or explain what this mean as we encounter it daily. These hold ups are often accompanied with insults or causes made by road users for co-road uses. The third is accident, as much as this is not every time, but it happens regularly, from the minor ones, to the fatal ones.

Everyone wants to rush to where ever they are going and no one is patient enough to wait for the other person. Lagos has turn ‘City of impatience’. Nobody has time to look at the other person, nobody is his brother keeper. Lagos has become a No Dulling society and residence needs a change and renewal of mind.


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