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Dolapo Badmus: Tattoos And Dreadlocks Don’t Make You A Criminal

Lagos Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus, has said that having tattoos and dreadlocks do not make you a criminal. She said this at a seminar with the theme ‘Social Media Wars-Dreads, Tattoos, and Password’.

The celebrity policewoman stated that whenever anyone was waved down by the police, “try to be friendly, identify yourself and be composed.”

She also advised that: “police remain your friend; no police officer has the authority or right to search people’s mobile devices.”

“Police officers are only allowed to do so when there is a reason to carry out an investigation.”

“The menace of police officers stopping residents of Lagos and demanding to search their phones has become increasingly worrisome.”

She wrote on Twitter:

”HAVING TATTOO ON YOUR BODY OR DREADLOCKS ON YOUR HEAD DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MAKE YOU A CRIMINAL. Resist the intimidation of any law enforcer who wants to use that as a basis to terrorize you by remaining calm, firm, courteous and insisting on not being a criminal for having that.”


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