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Coronavirus: Cardi B Delays New Music; Wants To Move To Antarctica

American rapper, Cardi B revealed that the release of her new music has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

She revealed the disappointing news on Twitter early Thursday during an exchange with a fan.

“Where’s the single?!?” the person inquired, to which she replied, “It’s delay due to the virus.”

In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, she said;

“I ain’t gonna front, a bitch is scared… sh*t got me panicking.”

Cardi followed up with a similarly frenzied video last night in which she claimed she was moving to Antarctica — still the only continent that’s coronavirus-free. “I’ll make sure I say Hi to Santa Claus for yaaaa,” the New York rapper captioned the clip. “Bitch, sh*t just hit the fan!”


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