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Confession: I Instigated Enmity Between Terry G And Ay.com- Music Promoter, Alex Ozone

I Instigated Enmity Between Terry G And Ay.com- O3 Media, Alex Ozone

Many years ago, Nigerian Afro-pop singer, AY.com, used to be one of the raves in the industry.

However, after his hit song, Pass me your Love, which featured Terry G, the singer seems to have faded away from the music light, but his Collaborator of the smash track “pass me your love”, after some years, still gains relevance in the industry and very much ahead of him musically, as he severally unleashed hit records after the much talked about 2015 Pass me your with Ay.com.

Some years back, the internet was awash with all sort of gist on the two celebs, there were speculations over time about the age-long battle between the APKAKO MASTER and PASS ME YOUR LOVE crooner on copyright infringement.

Ay, accusing Terry of stealing his song, also the issue that made rounds when the two stars confronted each other at Terry’s Birthday.

With all these rumors and hullabaloo made by Fans and entertainment enthusiasts, the dispute between Terry G and Ay.com ended.

But Do Nigerians really know why the duo parts ways.

An interview with the Ace music promoter, artiste Manager, and world-class event planner, CEO O3 Media, Alex Ozone exposed us to the reasons these music stars parted ways, stating that he instigated enmity between them for their profession to progress in life.

The music promoter stated that overtime during their reign in the industry, Ay.com, and Terry had been I loggerhead over copyright issues which was really impeding their growth, which he concluded that the act had to stop. “An artiste does not need to be a friend with anybody to when it comes to business, so also a producer, if I didn’t cause enmity between Terry G and Ay.com and do not think they would be where they are today. I told Terry to stop collaborating with Ay.com and move on his own if he must grow in this business, which he harkened, here is the result today, and I am sure he is not regretting it”.

Ozone who just concluded the Timaya Chulo Europe tour is still on the verge of showcasing Nigerian stars to the international world.

Who knows the next artiste on the tour list.


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