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Co-Founder Of Face book,Twitter And Instagram Calls For ‘Break up’

The co-founder of Facebook who helped transform from a dorm-room project into a real business is now calling for the company to be broken up.

Hughes said this in an opinion article published in the New York Times on Thursday, May 9, adding that Mark Zuckerberg has unchecked power more than what “anyone else in the private sector or in government”.

The co-founder writes and said that regulators should look into the company and break it up, adding that Zuckerberg has sacrificed civility for clicks. He writes:

“Mark is a good, kind person. But I’m angry that his focus on growth led him to sacrifice security and civility for clicks.

“I’m disappointed in myself and the early Facebook team for not thinking more about how the News Feed algorithm could change our culture, influence elections and empower nationalist leaders.”

The co-founder also added that Facebook really needs to be regulated and that Zukerberg’s competitive drive and hunger for domination has made the company have 80% of the world’s social network income. The tech entrepreneur also called the social media platform a  “power monopoly” and that the power the founder welds is “un-American”.

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although, E247mag had earlier reported that WhatsApp, one of Zuckerberg’s companies, made an announcement that WhatsApp would stop working on all Windows smartphones as from December 2019.

What that means is that the chatting app will no longer operate on all mobile phones running on Windows operating system Whatsapp also warned that some features of the app may stop working at any time before the service is totally pulled off on Microsoft powered devices

 “You’ll no longer be able to use all Windows Phone operating systems after December 31, 2019,” they wrote.

“Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time,” the company said


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