Climate Change: School Students From 120 Countries Protest, Pass Message To World Leaders

Thousands of students from countries across the globe have embarked on protest over the failure of world leaders to act on climate change.

Scientists earlier gave warnings about the impacts of the climate change which will eventually lead to an uninhabitable planet.

According to reports, the marches are parts of a worldwide student movement, which began in August last year, when 16-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, started protesting on school days.

Thunberg while speaking with journalists today, said “I don’t think I was really behind this movement, I think it was already there and just needed a spark to light up,”

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The strikes which have gained prominence in recent months across Europe, gave Thunberg a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize earlier this week.

The Students’ protests took place in Paris, Delhi, Thailand, Berlin, Germany, among others. It, however, did not hold in New Zealand as a result of the mass shooting that occurred earlier today.

The students were seen carrying placards with different inscriptions to campaign against plastic waste “There is no planet B”, “You’re destroying our future” and “If you don’t act like adults, we will.” “Climate now, the school later,”

Meanwhile, Australia’s Education Minister Dan Tehan said the strike should not be encouraged, Germany’s Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said students should be in school.

However, protesters received encouragement from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who noted that it was pertinent for the young ones to pass messages across to the leaders.

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