Chinese Doctors Arrive Nigeria

Amidst protest from the Nigerian Medical Association, lawmakers and other professional bodies in the country , a  15-man medical team from China has touched down at the Nnamdi Azikewe International Airport Abuja. The team that is expected to begin it’s stay and work in Nigeria by going through a fourteen day quarantine were received by Nigeria’s minister of health,  

Osagie Enahire, who had earlier informed that the team will arrive the country with medical aides,

He said ““I have been notified of medical supplies from China, courtesy of a group of Chinese companies working here in Nigeria,” he had said.

“An 18-man team of Chinese medical experts including doctors, nurses and other medical advisers shall come along with the flight to assist us. I must at this juncture commend our frontline workers who are doing a great job in case identification and management.”

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) had kicked against the plan of Chinese doctors coming to Nigeria, asking the federal government to rather empower Nigerian medical practitioners to perform better.

The government, however, said it could not reject the offer of China to assist Nigeria in such a trying period.

But the Nigerian doctors were assured that their Chinese counterparts would be subjected to the laws of the land and would not have access to patients being treated for coronavirus in the country.







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