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Chemical Explosion Kills 22, Leaves At least 22 Others Dead

22 people killed and at least 22 others are left injured in a chemical factory explosion.

At the early hours of Wednesday morning in the northern Hebei province of China, an explosion occurred at a chemical factory, leaving 22 people dead and 22 others injured, the explosion happened at the entrance of the factory when a vehicle transporting dangerous chemicals blew up.

As reported by a source to Al Jazeera, the fire engulfed 50 vehicles, a video of the blast scene in Zhangjiakou city shared by state media showed billowing black smoke and flames, while photographs showed rows of burned-out cars and trucks lining the streets.

however, the blast has been contained, the state media reported.

“On-site search and rescue work and investigation of the cause of the accident are still underway,” the Propaganda Department said.

Aljazeera reported that the blast which happened at Zhangjiakou, a city about 156km northwest of Beijing, is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics alongside the capital Beijing.


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