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Chacha Eke’s Brother Vows Not To Get Involved In Her Marriage Issues Again

Aik Eke brother to Nollywood Actress, Chacha Eke, has vowed to never involve in any issue regarding Chacha and her husband, Austin Faani, After insisted to stay with her husband.

Aik Eke has debunked the news that her sister is having a bipolar disorder after Chacha called out her husband on social media.

He insinuated that Chacha’s husband made her claim she is bipolar, in a bid to clear his name, claiming she;s now with him.

Reacting to this however, Chacha debunked her brother’s statement, claiming she hasn’t seen him in two years.

Aik Eke, in his response, shared a photo of them together, Including Chacha’s kids, adding that he will not get involved in her case again because she doesn’t want to be saved.

See his post below; “I believe those that said I should fight for my sis will chill now? You can’t save who does not want to be saved. You haven’t seen me for two years Wow! When next drama pops up, I will sit with the audience and enjoy the view, enjoy your bipolar”.


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