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Cardi B Admits Using Drug While She Was A Str3pper

Cardi B (Photo: CBNC.com)

Popular US rapper, singer and song writer, Cardi B, has admitted using drug to rob men when she worked as a stripper, saying, “whether or not they were poor choices at the time I did what I had to do to survive.”

An old video of Cardi, resurfaced on social media few days ago, ranting on how she tricked men into coming back to hotels with her and using drugs to steal from them.

The 3-year-old video, recorded from an Instagram live broadcast and posted online, also showed a visibly upset Cardi in tears as she answered a fan who said she doesn’t deserve her success “because [she didn’t] put it in no f**king work.”

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Few hours after the resurfacing of the old video, Cardi took to her social media page to elaborate on her comments and then express regret for the claims she made in the video before her music career began.

She wrote: “So I’m seeing on social media that a live I did 3 years ago has popped back up. A live where I talked about things I had to do in my past right or wrong that I felt I needed to go to make a living. I never claim to be perfect or come from a perfect world wit a perfect past I always speak my truth I always own my s***.

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“Im apart of a hip hop culture where you can talk about where you come from talk about the wrong things you had to do to get where you are. There are rappers that glorify murder violence drugs an robbing. Crimes they feel they had to do to survive.

“I never glorified the things I brought up in my music because I’m not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it. I made the choices that I did at the time because I had very limited options. I was blessed to have been able to rise from that but so many women have not. Whether or not they were poor choices at the time I did what I had to do to survive. The men I spoke about in my live were men that I dated that I was involve with men that were conscious willing and aware. I have a past that i can’t change we all do.”



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