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California Campfire Updates: Fatalities Increase

The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in the history of California has caused more fatalities than was reported yesterday, escalating from 29 to 42 people dead, with over 7000 houses and businesses razed down by the devil flames.

The figures were announced by Butte County Sheriff, Kory Honea at an evening news conference in the nearby city of Chico, after authorities found the bodies of 13 more victims of the devastating Campfire blaze.

However in spite of the fatalities, authorities made clear that they are bracing for the number of fatalities to climb.

“Given what we’ve dealt with so far with casualties as a result of this fire, I have concerns that it [the death toll] will rise”.

Honea disclosed that in addition to 13 coroner-led recovery teams working in the fire zone, 150 search-and-recovery personnel were due to arrive Today, 13th of November, 2018.

The sheriff said he also has requested three portable morgue teams from the U.S. military, a “disaster mortuary” crew and an unspecified number of cadaver dog units to assist in the search for human remains. Three groups of forensic anthropologists were also called in to help, he said.

Fierce, drought winds were expected to fan the wildfires into today, increasing the risk of fresh blazes from scattered embers.

Sourced from Reuters


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