Bury Your Heads In Shame -APC Tells PDP Leaders

‘People’s Democratic Party leadership in Osun should bury their heads in shame henceforth as they have been proved tragically wrong in their vicious criticism of the Aregbesola-led APC government of the state.
‘Reason is the latest assessment of financial expert in the economic hub of Nigeria – Lagos – has shown that as a result of the prudent financial, political and economic management of our leader and government, Osun emerged the second best in 2017, in terms of poverty alleviation and as a consequence, became the second WEALTHIEST among the 36 states of the Federation.
‘That’s stunning!! Isn’t it?’, the APC enthused in delight.
In a stinging rebuke of the opposition party, released through a statement signed and circulated by APC director of Publicity, Research, and Strategy, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi in Osogbo today, the party said, ‘APC government and its leader, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola stand elegantly vindicated, while the PDP leadership stands condemned for its ignorance about governance, financial and economic management ‘.
According to the APC, ‘a people, a state or a country is not considered wealthy because of few billionaires a crooked system creates, but because of the majority of people it lifts from poverty.
‘That is what the Aregbesola administration has done in the last seven years in spite of the economic recession that had created problems for the whole country’, the APC said.
‘But with a viciousness and arrogance of ignorance displayed by the Omisores of this world, the Dr Jide Fatokun and Otunba Sunday Ojo Williams of the ‘home-grown mentality of Osun, together with other opposition elements, Ogbeni Aregbesola and the APC have been pilloried and scandalized for alleged mismanagement of the state.
‘However, all of that nonsense have been derisively put to shame and hopefully to rest by the authentic assessment of respected Nigerian Financial consultants using federal government data and other international reports and indices’, the APC said.
Highlights of the assessment done by Financial Derivatives Company (FDC) are as follows;
*That Osun was the second wealthiest among the 36 states of the Federation in 2017.
*The state was ranked the second less miserable and poverty-ridden in the year 2017.
*That in spite of the fact that in the top three economic analysis in Nigeria that had Osun with lowest federal allocation, the state was not delinquent in the payment of salaries owing to the ingenuity of the modulated salary structure that yielded positive results.
*And as a result of the later above, despite the financial quagmire experienced by all states across the Federation, Osun was able, in 2017 to turn up as the second best in the measured ‘Misery Index’ with a 16.37% inflation rate.
*Finallly, the financial experts concluded in this assessment that ‘it is the state government under Gov. Aregbesola watch, with deliberate investment in infrastructure, education, social services, human capacity development and sincere political leadership (that) created an economy with under-employment, unemployment and inflation, well below national averages’.
The APC drew attention of Osun citizens to the fact that these consultants had been reading all the hopeless stuff, critics had been spreading about the state and in particular the person of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola
‘And as if to give the report added authenticity, the Managing Director of the company – Financial Derivatives – himself a veritable guru in the Nigeria’s financial market – Mr Bismark Rewane made the presentation personally’, the APC said.
‘It makes that report beyond reproach; but don’t be surprised if Omisore, Fatokun, Williams and the horde of ignorant critics in the opposition, bring figures from their magical hats in an attempt to discredit the experts. That’s their trademark – always armed with lies and falsified figures to demonize the APC government’, the APC decried.
The party chieftain however, pointed to the fact that, ‘the more the PDP lies about Osun, the more the better informed world act to demonstrate confidence in what the APC government is doing.
‘A recent example is what happened around August last year when UNESCO, an arm of the United Nations Organization, led 16 states of the Federation to Osun to study how the state effected feeding of children at schools and how it structured its social welfare scheme – the ‘Agba Osun’ assistance programme, amongst others.
‘If the world believes Omisore, Fatokun, Ojo Williams and their ilks, the U.N. will never have led 16 states of the Federation to study what Osun is doing and the British Parliament would not have invited the state government to come and give it a talk on how it is managing to feed over 250,000 kids every school day’, the APC declared.
The party therefore made a clarion call to citizens of the state not to ‘allow traitors and evil people to deceive them, but to thank God for using Aregbesola to bring this level of glory and development to the state of Osun.
‘Osun cannot afford to throw God’s grace away by handing their future to crooked PDP. It will be equivalent to giving your pearl to pigs; they will smear it in the mud’, the APC said


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