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Building Collapsed At Abuja, Leaves 2 Dead and Over 18 Trapped

An uncompleted four-storey building collapsed at around 1.30pm, in Jadi area of Abuja.

The building which is yet to have been completed collapsed leaving at least eighteen people buried underneath the rubble of the fourteen storey building.

As reported by Punch news, the building which is under construction had over 25 people inside.
two persons have been reported to be killed, six persons have been rescued by the rescue team, while the engineer had his leg broken.

A witness said poor construction contributed to the collapse.

“It sounded like a bomb”, said Chinedu Ike, a witness.

“The workers, including some women selling groundnut are trapped inside.”

The rescue team and other security were at the scene, making all the effort to rescue trapped people underneath the debris of the building.


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