Buhari Told APC He Won’t Contest In 2019 – Mama Taraba

Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Aisha Alhassan has stated but not with proof that President Muhammadu Buhari told the All Progressives Congress, APC, before contesting for President in 2015 that he would only seek one term in office.

Giving a speech on Wednesday, Aisha, popularly called Mama Taraba said she intends to hold Buhari by his words that he won’t run for the presidency in 2019.

According to Reuters, Alhassan, who did not reveal much, said the president made the comments in 2015 to APC members.

“According to his (Buhari) words In 2014/2015, he said he was going to run for only one time to clean up the mess that the (previous) PDP government did in Nigeria. And I took him for his word that he is not contesting in 2019, Aisha said.”


These words came after an interview with BBC Hausa, where Aisha said she would support former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar in 2019 if Buhari opts to contest.

The minister further explained that her choice of Abubakar was predicated on the fact that the former Vice President is her “godfather.”


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