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Brexit Deal Sealed By EU, Urges Britain Parliament To Support Deal

On Sunday The EU has agreed and sealed Brexit deal presented by the UK prime Minister Theresa May.

The European Union leaders have finally agreed and sealed a Brexit deal presented by UK prime Minister Theresa May, however, the big issue still lies in the Britain parliament which still has a number of officials who are against the Brexit deal.

Meanwhile, the European Union leaders have urged the Britain parliament to not reject the Brexit deal, EU leaders bagged the deal as the best since the struggle to Brexit over years ago.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, said to reporters after the 27 other EU leaders formally sealed treaty terms for the British withdrawal in March and an outline of a future EU-UK pact, that “Those who think that, by rejecting the deal, they would get a better deal, will be disappointed,”

May in a statement, stated that the fate of the deal at the parliament may bring to a better nation or broken nation also promised to see to the success of the deal.

“In any negotiation, you do not get everything you want. I think the British people understand that,”

Parliament’s vote could open the door to a “brighter future” or condemn the country to more division, she said. “I will make the case for this deal with all my heart,” she added,

May would, however, would face opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn who said his Labour Party will vote against the deal.

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, which props up May’s minority government, said it would try to block the deal because it binds London to many EU rules and the DUP fears it may weaken the province’s ties to Britain — a result of efforts to avoid a risk of a “hard border” with EU member Ireland. Reuters News.


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