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Breaking News : Shiites Protesters Clash With Police, 2 Dead

Protesters belonging to the shiite group have clashed with Police Officers at the National Assembly Complex Abuja, after their protest demanding the release of their leader El Zakzaky.

The clash so far has left 2 protesters dead and 2 police officers injured also as at the time of this report.

Several witnesses, who recounted the face-off, said the incident occurred when the protesters tried to force their way into the assembly complex.

“They shot three policemen. One of them even appears dead already,” a witness

Since the December 2015 incident, Mr El-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah have been in detention; first without trial for about a year. They were eventually charged with murder for the death of a soldier during the December 2015 incident.

Pictures from the Protest..  Stay on e247mag for more updates on the story.


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