Breaking: MD of Maersk Line Attacked, Wife Killed

Calamity struck Maersk, one of the biggest organizations in the Nigerian maritime industry as the Managing Director of Maersk Line, identified as Gildas Tohouo Tohouo and his family were said to have been attacked at their Lugard Road, Ikoyi home last night. 

Reports gathered reveals that the the managing director was severely stabbed while battling for his life, the wife is said to have given up the ghost as she was forced to drink acid by their assailants.

Several angles are being linked to the unfortunate incident. While some are saying the attack must have been as a result of a generator contract gone wrong between Maersk and some other unnamed companies, some are saying the attack was as a result of domestic electrician that was sacked.

Those in the know are claiming that Maersk as an organization is not new to attacks as such that results in the loss of lives. A source who craved anonymity claim that the company once sent two Dutch auditors to look into its books and both men were shot dead by assassins in a full office.

The attack on the managing director and his family is being suspected to be an insider job by some other people because the security around where he lives is premium and he lives close to former interim head of state, Chief Ernest Shonekan, whose place also enjoys very solid security because of his of his status as a former head of state.



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