Boko Haram Completely Decimated, Leadership Dismantled, 30,000 Hostages Released – Ministers

At least 30,000 hostages kidnapped by the Boko Haram have been freed by soldiers, the defence minister, Mansur Dan Ali, said on Monday

No less than 30,000 prisoners hijacked by the Boko Haram have been liberated by warriors, the protection serve, Mansur Dan Ali, said on Monday. Mr. Ali expressed this in Maiduguri at a Special Town Hall meeting composed for the military and security offices.

The announcement of Mr. Ali and different authorities who talked at the occasion were accounted for by the News Agency of Nigeria.

The resigned brigadier general likewise repeated the government’s responsibility regarding advancing the welfare of warriors doing combating the guerillas.

Additionally, the pastor of inside, Abdulrahman Dambazzau, said the Boko Haram has been totally destroyed, its structure debased and its authority disassembled.

Prior, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, said the resumption of flights, percolating nightlife, and football coordinates in Maiduguri are signs that commonality has come back to the Borno capital.

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