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Bobrisky: Lady Request For Her 8M He/She Borrowed For Gender Surgery

A lady on social media, Ify Okoye,dental surgeon has called out popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky .She explained that Bobrisky has refused to return the N8m he borrowed from her to undergo a gender change surgery

Ify explained that Bobrisky stopped speaking to her after she started demanding for her money Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris ‘Bobrisky’ Okuneye, is no stranger to controversy as he seems to always maintain his spotlight for negative reasons.


Just recently a dental surgeon identified as Ify Okoye on Instagram called out Bobrisky as she accused him of not returning the N8 million he had borrowed for a gender change surgery.

In a lengthy post on social media, Ify explained that Bobrisky had confided in her about how he had been ridiculed in the Nigerian community by people who call him an ‘ugly gay’.

The doctor added that she felt sorry for Bobrisky and decided to borrow him money for surgery which he would have to pay back by December 2018. However things turned sour when Bobrisky allegedly refused to pay back the money and even proceeded to blocking Ify after she threatened to report the case to bloggers.

Her caption reads:

“I struggled not to do this but I couldn’t stand people that conned me, dancing right in front of my face just to humiliate me more. Couple of months ago bobrisky blocked me after threatening him that I would call on Nigerian bloggers to help me get my monies back from him/her.

 Bob and I got talking and he told me that he wouldn’t mind getting surgery done to improve his/her femininity to stop being ridiculed in Nigerian community as “ugly gay”.

 I felt sorry for him and told him that I can only loan him some money and that he must repay me before December 2018, he agreed and was over the moon.

 I got two transfers done for him, N2.5m and N5.5m. August 2018 he stopped calling me as usual and started replying my messages with “hmmmmm and Ok”. October 2018 I reminded him that I would need the money for some charity work and he stopped speaking to me totally up till date.



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