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Bluegrass: Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Digital Experiences


Episerver has over the years helped businesses transform from the Information Age to the Experience Age. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the company has grown into a leading provider of solutions for digital experiences, including content, commerce and marketing.

Episerver was around long before smartphones and even the search engines and social media platforms that are around today. In 1990, the World Wide Web became part of our lives, it made it easier than ever before to share​ content. There was a lot of content, but to publish it was extremely difficult for non-developers, one needed to​ be able to code in HTML.

Then in 1993 the first browser was launched, one that could combine text and graphics. Episerver helped companies manage content for websites, which made content easier to consume. Then in 1997, Episerver launched one of the first professional web Content Management Systems (CMS). Marketers could now manage and publish content even faster.

In 2008, Episerver launched its first digital commerce solution. It combined it with its CMS to empower marketers and merchandisers alike. By 2014, people began to expect that their experiences online should also be personalised.​ The Information Age was becoming the Experience Age.

Episerver responded by launching the Digital Experience Cloud in 2015. By 2017, the Digital Experience Cloud had put digital marketing, content, and commerce all in one place. It was using artificial intelligence to help organizations move faster and engage customers.

With Episerver, Bluegrass Digital empowers digital leaders to easily create standout experiences for customers – everywhere they engage, and always with measurable business results. The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud unifies digital content, commerce, and marketing in one platform, including omnichannel solutions for smart personalization and intelligent campaigns.

Bluegrass CEO Nick Durrant says partnerships have contributed enormously to the success Episerver has experienced over the past 25 years. “Episerver has true competitive differentiation with content and commerce on the same platform, providing a broader market opportunity for us.”

Today, Episerver helps marketers, merchandisers and digital professionals quickly deliver rich experiences to their customers, wherever they are – on websites, smartphones, email or through the internet of things.


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