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Bishop Oyedepo Blasted Presidency Hate Talk Over His Statement On President Cloning

Bishop David Rebukes critics statement of the president cloning made by him.

In a recent statement made by the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, he has rebuked critics pressing him to take back his statement concerning president Muhammed Buhari having an imposter in Aso Rock.

The Bishop had said last week that it was possible Nigeria was being re-colonized by another African nation, referring to Nnamdi Kanu’s claim.

Reacting to the rumour in a viral video on social media, Oyedepo quoted an article written by Olatunde Dare, a columnist of the Nation Newspaper, saying Buhari could have died when he sought medical treatment in London and that someone cloned as him, is currently presiding over Nigeria.

Referring to the piece, the clergyman said the Nigerian government entered an agreement with the family of one Jubril in Sudan to give them a replacement for Buhari and that the resources of the nation are now being shared with Sudan.

But the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Digital and New Media, Tolu Ogunlesi, called the cleric ‘hater of Buhari’.

Ogunlesi wondered why Oyedepo would go to a far length to discredit Buhari.

However, speaking from Living Faith church Headquarters at Canaan land, Ota, on Saturday, the clergyman vowed not to withdraw his statement because it was not a hate speech but rather that of a self-esteem.

The cleric said, “I have never been asked to withdraw a statement in the past but today they are saying it is hate speech.

“That is no hate speech, it is self-esteem speech; someone is stepping on toes and you say it is hate speech?

“Why will I withdraw my statement? God sent me and not you. You fear the one God sent and not any other because I have dominion.”


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