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Biafra: Nigerians React To Army Torturing IPOB Members In Aba

The video footage of the Nigerian Army torturing members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) with some losing their lives in the process surfaced online.

There were however mixed reactions from Nigerians over the actions of the Soldiers.

In a Facebook post, some condemned the brutality of Soldiers while others applauded them.

According to Okiemute Saduwa: “Is this not the IPOB Lion squad?

Musa Moses: “Alpha That’s right, Aba people are very tough. They deserve it.
“Aba women riot part 2” The film will blast like a wildfire.

Ahmed Musa Maka: “Military to Military. Nigeria Army vs Ipob Military python are dancing already

Melek Olaz Snr: “For those of you saying that the IPOB terrorists are not armed

Moses Efosa Williams: “I hard “EGWU EKE II” will last one month in Igbo land. PLS no one should allow any “EKE” into his or her house.
Let them continue their dance, after a month they will go back to their hole..

Tajudeen Aat Anafi: “Lion squad army or ipob member. bcoz they left home to go and protect KANU fathers house.

Akor Austin: “This is pure SABOTAGE. A Nigeria soldier betraying his collogues with this video

Musa Abdulkadir: “kill them, report suggested that all northerners in the south east are really in danger videos show how northerners are been hunted like bush meat in the east, at every junction every street, the Igbos are patrolling to sigh a bush mean ( a slogan word they refer to northerners) report says more than 400 northerners were killed

Adedamola Adeniran Adeniran: “Nigeria army cannot do this, it is a propaganda

Tia Sholly: “Just mud water and you guys are shouting, thought you’re lions, that’s the way to treat the animals living in the zoo.

Williams Idoko Okpanachi: “Yes that’s how to do de python dance…. Kudos to Nigeria army for dat lectures….. Mumu BIAFROG cowards…

Mark Donald: “We can’t Continue like this, if the world is turning their eyes against us, we have to protect ourselves.



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